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Lego League on Tuesday Evenings

First Lego League Robotics (age 9-14): Lego League meetings take place each Tuesday from 6:00-7:30 p.m. at UCAES. Our coaches are Ryan Irwin and Eric Dant. To coach, please contact Ryan Irwin at (423) 240-5450 or ryan.irwin@ucaes.org.

We currently have 15 students in the club and will have all the students come out each week--they will all be part of the learning and the program. We will have 2 groups: Group 1 with 8 members and Group 2 with 7 members.

The 10 eldest students will be part of the Competitive team and will be charged the $50 to be part of the team. The students not part of the Competitive team will be on the Training team. They will not pay the $50, but will come out each Tuesday to observe, give input, and be mentored for their turn at competitions in the future.

If a student who is part of the Competitive team doesn't want to be on the Competitive team, the next team member on the Training team has opportunity to fill that spot if they choose. They will pay the $50 fee to take their place on the Competitive team.

If a team member commits to the competitive team and pays the $50 and decides later to quit, we will NOT give a refund of the $50. We may work out a partial refund if the coaches see fit.

Lego League regulation tournament table with competition mat on it.
Lego League regulation tournament table with competition mat on it.

Volunteer Sidney Allison and his father constructed a regulation Lego tournament table on which the kids can build their projects. Thanks Sidney, and thanks to his dad!

Adventist Lego League Robotics







Below is a great informational video! If you want to know all the ins and out of the program, you need to watch this first!

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